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How To Maintain Engineered Wood Flooring With Pets

Maintain Engineered Wood Flooring With Pets

Animals as pets enrich our lives with love, laughter, and a unique kind of chaos. As much as we love having pets in the house, there are drawbacks, particularly when it comes to cleaning and maintaining surfaces like floors. Known for its strength and beauty, engineered wood flooring adds a sophisticated touch to homes, but it needs to be appropriately maintained in pet-friendly settings.

This post will explore the topic of pet-friendly maintenance for engineered wood floors. From happy paws to unintentional spills, we'll look at practical techniques and methods for keeping your flooring looking beautiful while accommodating the joys and unavoidable accidents of living with pets.

So, without further ado, here are some tips for maintaining engineered wood flooring in a household with pets.

Tips to Caring For Your Engineered Wood Flooring With Pets 

Taking care of your engineered wood flooring in a home with pets is a complex topic, and in this section, we will discuss some of the most helpful techniques and strategies accessible. These tips will help protect your floors from scratches, spills, and pet wear using preventive measures and specialised cleaning methods.

Look for species with prominent graining

Surface imperfections, such as scratches and dents, can be concealed by hardwood flooring with an open grain pattern or prominent graining. Hardwoods with distinctive and powerful graining include various exotic species and other species like:

  • Red oak

  • Hickory

  • Ash

Trim their nails regularly

Pet nails that are long enough to scrape the floor when they walk will scratch and dent your floors. Not only is nail trimming a preventive step against this issue, but it's also good for your pets' health. 

This applies to cat owners as well. While walking, cats can conceal their claws, but when they run around, there's always the possibility they'll scratch the floor.

Set realistic expectations

No matter how hard or resilient the wood is, it will ultimately succumb to damage and will need to be refinished every few years. You are more likely to require refinishing sooner if you have pets running around. Be realistic about what you expect from the flooring so that you are not let down when it needs to be refinished sooner than you thought.

Apply several coats of finish

For optimal resistance against your pet's claws, choose multiple coats of the most durable finish when refinishing hardwood floors. Moreover, if the coating is scratchable, it can be readily repaired with a polyurethane coating instead of a wood surface that will need sanding and buffing.

Be careful with the coating you use to refinish the floor. There are several variations that are either water- or oil-based. A finish that forms a stronger bond with the wood will be more resilient to scratches and deterioration.

Incorporate rugs in specific areas 

Using area rugs and carpets is a fun and simple way to keep your pets off hardwood floors. Lightweight floor mats, kept at entryways for catching debris, are frequently brought into the home by dogs. Choose a heavy mat or one that won't move around much when your pets walk on it.

Clean up messes right away

If you have yet to train your pet well, they might urinate in the house, which can leave stains if you don't clean them up right away. Furthermore, muddy paw prints from playtime in puddles and dirt can scuff your carpets and floor. Keep an eye on their activities and wipe up any spills immediately.

Regular cleaning 

It's easy to keep an engineered wood floor clean—just sweep or hoover it once a week to keep dirt from getting into the wood. To preserve the durability of the wood and promote a healthy home, choose non-toxic wood cleaning rather than abrasive cleansers, which can harm your floor and even your loved ones.

Deep clean occasionally

Even with a consistent cleaning schedule, dirt and grime can still build up over time. Sometimes, it's necessary to use specific deep cleaning solutions and techniques on engineered hardwood floors. So check that your cleaning solution is designed for engineered hardwood flooring. To protect the finish of your flooring, stay away from using cleaners that include strong chemicals.

To apply the cleaner, use a rag, mop, or sponge. As with regular mopping, keeping your mop or cloth damp and not wet is essential. Once the cleaning product has been applied, wipe your floors with water and use a clean, dry cloth to dry out any excess moisture.

How To Clean Up Engineered Wood Flooring When Accidents Happen?

Do you have a brand-new puppy or maybe even a scared, untrained pet? It's likely that in the upcoming months, there may be a few little mishaps on your floor. It's essential to clean up pet urine spots right away because they can leave dark marks and an unpleasant smell on your wood floors.

Place paper towels on the urine puddle while wearing gloves to absorb as much as possible. After that, use dry paper towels to blot the area. Use a damp cloth to clean the area and a towel to dry it off. There are treatments made especially for removing spot stains from timber floors if you want a deeper clean.

How To Treat Scratches On Engineered Wood Flooring? 

Unfortunately, hardwood floors cannot be made completely scratch-proof. However, there are various approaches you can use to lessen the severity of scratches. When it comes to reducing the visibility of scratches on your hardwood floors and the likelihood that they will recur, you can do a few things.

Apply a scratch concealer to cover up the noticeable white lines caused by scratches. In addition, this seals the area, keeping moisture and more scratches from affecting the wood.

You Don't Have To Sacrifice The Elegance Of Engineered Wood Floor With Pets At Home

Engineered Wood Floor

Maintaining the charm of engineered wood flooring in a pet-friendly home requires maintaining its visual appeal and providing a peaceful environment for all residents. By using the tips and tricks discussed above, you can find a good mix between taking care of your floors and enjoying your pets' playful energy.

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Foglie d'Oro's Engineered Wood Flooring

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All of the exquisite inlaid panels, herringbone, chevron, and planks are made by hand, and new finishes and designs are constantly inspired by this effort. Skilled craftspeople meticulously carve out each board, precisely replicating the exact specifications laid out by the design team.

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