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Javier is a fine interior furnishing manufacturer founded in 2006. Producing a wide range of interior furnishing products with Bespoke

design, high-quality materials and craftsmanship, Javier is innovative

in their production techniques, materials and customisation. 

We truly produce something that you may never seen before. As a furnishing specialist, Javier is well-known for combining handcrafting techniques with robotic technology. Javier's craftsmanship is all done

by hands of the artisans, making it truly unique and artistic. Our group

of artisans includes wood carvers, inlayers, painters, marquetry artists, embroiderers, etc that forms a team in creating the finished product.


Javier uses the latest technology that includes: 3D robotic CNC which

can perform in very high precision, Pressurised filter spray booth and 

dry oven to achieve for a high quality finishing.

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Serip is found and established in 1961. With over 50 years of experience and

running in the third generation, the family-owned business continues the tradition

of developing inspirational lighting produced by the hand of the finest artisans,

whose fine craftsmanship allows the possibility of the boldest custom projects.

Every piece is conceived as a sculpture and is created and handmade at the

workshop in Portugal, resulting in a product of uncompromising quality.

Using precious handcrafted bronze and hand-blown glass, the light fixtures are appreciated for their glamour and form. Often described as ‘nature-inspired works

of art’, Serip delivers lighting ornaments & chandeliers resembling forms in Nature

like leaves, flowers, branches and water. Unique and refined, it fits seamlessly into

any luxurious and exclusive spaces, be it classical or modern.

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Foglie d'Oro Engineered
Wood Flooring Singapore

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Foglie d’Oro is a luxury flooring brand from the company Latifoglia. Together with

its sister company Arte Brotto Furniture, they have been exemplifying Italian wood craftsmanship for over 50 years in the Industry.

The high-quality of Foglie d’Oro floors comes from its total control over the supply

chain. The process starts from the selection of the finest raw materials carried out at

the source in certified forests owned and sustainably managed by the company, up

to the delivery of the finished product itself. The sophisticated and wide range of

planks, chevrons, herringbone, and refined inlay-ed panels available are all

handcrafted with a continuous research and development for newer design & finishes. The finest materials, such as the American Walnut, European Walnut & European Oak, are all processed by hands of the experienced artisans who are able to seamlessly translates the creative illustrations of the design team to each piece of wood.


Foglie d’Oro brings the breath and prestige of the woods to any design context, satisfying all tastes and styles, from the contemporary to the classic.

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