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9 Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered wood floors are a popular and durable choice for homes. They combine the beauty of natural wood with a construction that withstands warping and moisture better than solid wood flooring. Especially in humid climates like Singapore, options such as Foglie d'Oro engineered wood flooring in Singapore provide a stylish and practical solution. However, even the best-engineered wood floors can suffer from certain bad habits. Let's explore nine common practices that could be damaging your beautiful floors.

Using Harsh Chemical To Clean Your Floor

Engineered wood flooring, such as Foglie d'Oro, is finished with layers that can be sensitive to harsh chemicals. When you use cleaners that are not specifically formulated for wood floors, you risk damaging these layers. Products containing ammonia, bleach, or other abrasive substances can dull the finish and even eat away at the protective coating over time. Instead, opt for cleaning products recommended by the flooring manufacturer or a mild, pH-neutral cleaner. 

A simple solution of vinegar and water can also be effective for quick touch-ups. Be sure to dilute your cleaners properly as recommended, and always test any product on a small, inconspicuous area of the floor before full application.

Vacuuming With The Wrong Attachment

Vacuuming is a great way to keep your engineered wood floors free of dirt and dust. However, it’s crucial to use the right attachment to avoid scratches. Standard vacuum cleaner heads intended for carpets are typically too harsh for wood flooring. They can have stiff bristles that scratch the surface or beater bars that can damage the finish. 

To safely vacuum engineered wood floors, use a soft brush attachment or an attachment specifically designed for hard surfaces. This will help lift dirt and debris without scratching the wood. Regular vacuuming, especially in high-traffic areas and around entryways, will greatly extend the life of your floors by preventing the grinding down of any surface debris.

Cleaning Your Engineered Wood Flooring With Water Too Often

While water is a universal cleaning agent, it’s not ideal for regular use on engineered wood floors. Water can seep between the planks and cause the core of the engineered wood to swell and warp. It’s best to clean spills and stains with a slightly damp cloth rather than a wet mop. When you do need to mop, wring the mop out thoroughly to ensure it’s only damp and not dripping. 

Additionally, never allow standing water to remain on your wood floors, as this can cause irreversible damage over time. For routine cleaning, a well-squeezed mop or a damp cloth with a wood floor cleaner will suffice.

Walking With High Heels On Your Wood Floor

High heels can be particularly damaging to engineered wood floors. Due to their small surface area, the pressure from a heel is much greater than that of a normal shoe. If the heel strikes the wood with enough force, it can create dents and even puncture the finish. 

Enforcing a no-shoe policy or having protective mats at entryways where shoes can be removed is your best option. Providing slippers for household members and guests can also be a thoughtful touch that helps protect your floors.

However, Foglie d'Oro’s pre-finished three-layer wood flooring is specially engineered to withstand the pressure of rubber-soled high-heel shoes. Not only is it resistant to these types of heels, but it also has anti-slip properties that ensure your safety and comfort

Dragging Your Furniture Around

Moving furniture without lifting it can seriously harm your engineered wood floors. Dragging heavy objects across the floor can scratch and gouge the surface, sometimes even ripping off parts of the top layer. 

Always lift furniture when moving it or invest in furniture sliders that can be placed under the legs of heavy items. These sliders allow furniture to glide smoothly across the floor without causing damage.

Leaving Your Furniture Legs Unprotected 

Furniture legs without proper protection can cause continuous wear and tear on engineered wood floors. Over time, even slight movements of chairs or tables can scratch and dent the flooring. To prevent this, it's essential to use felt pads or rubber caps on the legs of your furniture. 

These pads act as a soft buffer between the furniture and the floor, distributing the weight more evenly and preventing sharp edges or rough surfaces from damaging the wood. Make sure to replace these pads regularly, as they can wear down or accumulate grit that could scratch the floor.

Not Cleaning Spills Immediately

Spills can be harmful to engineered wood floors if not addressed promptly. The longer a spill sits, the greater the risk of it seeping through the cracks and causing the wood to swell or stain. Immediate action is crucial—simply blotting the spill with a clean, absorbent cloth can prevent most damage. 

For tougher stains, a damp cloth with a mild cleaner suitable for wood floors can be used. Always avoid harsh scrubbing, which can damage the finish and make the affected area more susceptible to future spills.

Excessive Sun Exposure 

Continuous exposure to sunlight can significantly affect the appearance of any hardwood flooring, including your engineered wood flooring. UV rays can fade and discolour the wood and, in some cases, cause it to age prematurely. To protect your floors, use UV-blocking window treatments or install tinted window films that reduce sun exposure. 

Additionally, rearranging your furniture periodically can help the floor age uniformly, preventing noticeable patches where sunlight hits the most. If you prefer natural light but want to protect your floors, sheer drapes can be a stylish and effective option during peak sunlight hours.

Infrequent Sweeping

Dust and grit can act like sandpaper underfoot, gradually wearing down the finish of your engineered wood floors. Regular sweeping, dry mopping, or vacuuming with a proper attachment is essential to remove these particles. Ideally, this should be done daily in high-traffic areas and at least weekly in less-trafficked parts of your home. 

For homes with pets or children, more frequent cleaning might be necessary to keep the floors in optimal condition. Using a soft, fine-bristle broom or a microfiber mop can effectively capture dust and grit without scratching the surface.

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