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Why Choose Organic Lighting Designs For Your Home

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Why Choose Organic Lighting Designs

The word 'Organic' is becoming more popular these days. Whether in our buildings, living spaces, farming practices, or everyday products, organic materials have found their way into these areas and many more.

Lighting designers and manufacturers are also intrigued by the concept of organic materials in design features, which has led to a search for new and more creative inventions in the lighting design and products field.

If you are wondering why you should incorporate organic lighting design in your home, let's dive deeper into it.

Reasons To Incorporate Organic Lighting Design Into Your Home

Why Choose Organic Lighting Designs

Skilled lighting designers nowadays frequently draw inspiration from nature. The asymmetrical, organic, and curving forms in the natural world are becoming more and more prominent, adding fluidity and originality to interior spaces.

Following are a few reasons you should include these innovative and sculptural lightings that are influenced by nature inside your home.

Brings Nature To Your Home

If you're like many others, one thing you've discovered when being indoors is that your interior design needs to be overhauled. It is more crucial than ever to keep the wellness of your home's atmosphere by including the use of natural and organic products. An aesthetic and surrounding that induces a positive emotion are also essential.

Lighting with organic shapes inspired by nature is an approach to rejuvenate the sense of well-being. Patterns or precise measurements that do not constrain shapes make this style outstanding.

The amazing technology that lighting designers of today have access to allows them to produce lighting works of such great natural shape.

Outstandingly Unusual

It may take some time to become accustomed to some lights' organic and irregular forms. This is especially true if you are used to thinking about lighting design in traditional geometric designs. Since curved lighting avoids using edges, it produces fluidity and eliminates any edges from your field of vision.

Instead of mirroring or duplicating elements, asymmetrical lighting achieves balance by repeating forms that are similar to one another. Last but not least, organic lighting represents actual items or living creatures found in the natural world.

Of course, there are certain methods to make use of these components to give your interior space the most charm and impact.

Trendy and Eye Catching

Suppose you want to incorporate organic lighting design into your room but are unsure of how to go about it; here are some ideas to consider that will be helpful.

Layer in curved lighting to make your space appear relaxed, appealing, and homey. In a warm and inviting way, curved lines pull you into the space around them. They are also excellent for bridging various areas. Contemporary settings benefit greatly from curves.

Choose an asymmetrical fixture if you want a more casual appearance that is nonetheless interesting. Though more difficult to pull off, the secret is to balance it with complementary visual textures. Asymmetrical fixtures work brilliantly in modern interiors.

If you want organic lighting that makes you feel close to nature, pick elements like wood and seagrass from the natural world. To help you feel at ease or relaxed, you can use them in almost any part of your house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Finally, regardless of the overall design narrative of a place, organic form lighting may be used effectively in almost any setting.

Get It All With Serip

Serip was discovered and founded in 1961. The family-owned company has been in operation for over 50 years and is now in its third generation. Serip keeps up the tradition of creating inspired lighting by the hand of the finest craftsmen, whose exquisite craftsmanship opens the door to the most daring custom projects.

Each piece is designed as a sculpture, handcrafted in Portugal in the workshop, and of the highest quality. These priceless handcrafted bronze and hand-blown glass light fixtures are admired for their beauty and design.

Additionally, Serip offers chandeliers and lighting decorations that resemble natural forms. These items are sometimes referred to as "nature-inspired pieces of art." It is distinctive and elegant, which fits perfectly in any opulent and exclusive space, whether they are traditional or modern.

Interested to install bespoke organic lighting in your home?

Consider engaging Lux & Beyond for finely crafted, fully customisable interior finishing and inspirational Serip organic lighting in Singapore. With more than 20 years in the interior industry and vast experience and understanding of the local market, the brands we curate are carefully selected to fit the local market, highly reputable, and well-established with good quality.

The suitability and sustainability of the materials and products are also taken into account based on the condition and humidity of the local environment. Find out more by visiting

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