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Lighting Trends That You Can Do With Serip

The interior design industry's best-kept secret is its knowledge of emerging lighting trends. When a room is lit just by a single standard bulb, it will appear stark and lack ambience. However, if you consider "layers" of lighting and all the choices that come with this, you'll be onto a successful space design.

When creating a stunning new lighting design concept with Serip Organic Lighting in Singapore, there are many possibilities at your disposal, including floor lamps, wall lights, table lights, and desk luminaires. By studying the most recent lighting trends, deciding which type of lighting will be easier.

Refresh Your Home Design With Lighting Trends

The environment in our homes can change because of good lighting, which in turn affects our mood. We depend on cosy ambient lighting to enable us to unwind at night, while lights in smaller spaces give them an airy, spacious impression. Therefore, replacing our lighting is worthwhile, whether it be in a single room with new kitchen lighting concepts or throughout the entire house.

Regardless of whether you want to change your decor, think about replacing some of your current lights; you'll be surprised at the impact it makes. Lighting has long surpassed its purely functional role and is now considered an essential component of home design.

Whether you appreciate vibrant chic or understated minimalism, you'll discover a trend from the selection below that you can't wait to incorporate into your house.

Incorporate Curves

The popularity of decor items and accessories with curved edges has increased. Modern living room design ideas can benefit from whimsical curves since they create proportion with other items of decor while adding a soft quirky edge.

Lighting has long been among the most crucial aspects of interior design, and by integrating curved table lights throughout the house, the organic shapes will create intimacy. A floor lamp with a domed top is one example of a curved lighting fixture that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Curved lighting fixtures are a simple way to add some fun to a space if you want to get in on the trend.

Embrace Smart Lightings

Technology advancements and our growing demand for total control in our homes will lead to the widespread adoption of Bluetooth-controlled lighting. Complete connectivity is now more attainable than ever, owing to advancements in LED lighting's appearance and technology.

As opposed to hard-wired smart lighting systems, these types of lighting are also simpler to retrofit and more adaptable, allowing homeowners to learn more about their lighting requirements and modify and expand any smart setups as they live in their homes.

Exaggerated Scales

Most people are adopting the "bigger is better" concept when it comes to floor and ceiling lights. Exaggerated lighting can add some interest to home decor ideas. In terms of lighting trends, domes, cones, and globes are anticipated to continue being prominent elements in current designs.

The decorative will quickly become practical thanks to the exaggerated scale trend. You can join the trend by simply placing a statement floor lamp in the corner of your living room, which will undoubtedly become a talking point.

Coordination of fixtures will attract attention to any lights, highlighting them and giving the space a sense of gravitas.

Concentrate On Wall Lighting

Large rooms are brightened by wall lights, but they can be used for more than just illumination. As more people become aware of the aesthetic possibilities of wall lights and their practicality, fixtures with intriguing design aspects are expected to become one of the most widely adopted lighting designs.

A variety of wall lamp designs are now available from brands, adding excellent ambient lighting to any space. Wall lights are an excellent addition to small hallway designs since they may help the room feel more spacious.

Experiment With Sculptural Fixtures

Due to economic and space constraints, incorporating sculpture into the house can be challenging. Therefore, combining art and function tackles both challenges, and many designers are adding an artistic perspective to various projects, especially in the lighting industry.

Think creatively and pick a one-of-a-kind design to make your living room lighting stand out from the crowd when adding lights to a room. Consider eccentric chandeliers in Singapore with intriguing lines and shapes, quirky lampstands, and unique shades as society embraces the outrageously magnificent.

Mix It Up With Colours

While neutral earth tones are frequently used in contemporary interior design, vibrant pops of colour are also becoming more and more trendy. Lighting is the next area to be influenced by this trend. As more people become aware of the advantages of vibrant decor, brightly coloured lights and lights that change colour will become one of the most popular lighting designs.

Be Bold With Oversized Fixtures

Maximalist lighting is undoubtedly still popular, and large, ornate chandeliers and pendant lights are expected to remain popular design elements. While elaborate chandeliers with numerous arms are expected to stay popular, dramatic spherical forms will likely be the next big thing in lighting designs.

Instead of using three rows of smaller pendants over kitchen islands and dining tables, think about using one large statement fixture.

Get It All With Serip

Serip was discovered and founded in 1961. The family-owned company has been in operation for over 50 years and is now in its third generation. Serip keeps up the tradition of creating inspired lighting by the hand of the finest craftsmen, whose exquisite craftsmanship opens the door to the most daring custom projects.

Each piece is designed as a sculpture, handcrafted in Portugal in the workshop, and of the highest quality. These priceless handcrafted bronze and hand-blown glass light fixtures are admired for their beauty and design.

Additionally, Serip offers lighting decorations and chandelier lights in Singapore that resemble natural forms. These items are sometimes referred to as "nature-inspired pieces of art." It is distinctive and elegant, which fits perfectly in any opulent and exclusive space, whether they are traditional or modern.

Interested to install bespoke organic lighting in your home?

Consider engaging Lux & Beyond for finely crafted, fully customisable interior finishing and inspirational lighting. With more than 20 years in the interior industry and vast experience and understanding of the local market, the brands we curate are carefully selected to fit the local market, highly reputable, and well-established with good quality.

The suitability and sustainability of the materials and products are also taken into account based on the condition and humidity of the local environment. Find out more by visiting

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