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How to Create Bespoke Wall Panels for Your Home

Bespoke Wall Panels

Bespoke Wall Panels

Wall panels offer a quick and easy way to make your house feel like a home. They can be used to create an instant focal point or in smaller spaces where you don’t have much room for furniture. They are also ideal for adding that extra touch of elegance and style to your home.

There are many different types of wall panels available on the market. Still, if you want to make a unique statement, it is possible to have bespoke wall panels created for your home, with examples such as Javier wall panels Singapore that are worth looking into.

This article explores some key considerations in designing your bespoke wall panels, the styles of wall panelling available, and how we can help make your wall panel design come alive.

Key Considerations in Designing a Bespoke Wall

Wall panels are a great way to give your home a makeover. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to achieve many different design goals. However, there are some key considerations that you should take into account when designing your bespoke wall.

Size of the room

Look at the size of the room where you intend to install bespoke wall panels. Are the walls of equal sizes? What are the measurements required? Do you have any plans for creating a focal point in the room?

With these questions in mind, it can help you determine the size of your wall panels and how many panels you will require, which will help narrow down your options. Also, consider the existing fittings and fixtures on the walls, like the sockets.

Material of bespoke wall panel

There are many different materials available to create your bespoke wall panels. Some are made from wood, metal, glass, or stone. These materials can even be combined to create a bespoke wall panel that suits your needs and tastes.

So, it is important to consider the materials available to make sure you choose one that will suit your home design preference. After all, you would be the one admiring your wall panel design on a daily basis.

Function of the wall panel

Since wall panels are a great addition to any home, they can be used for decoration, privacy, and soundproofing. As such, it is essential to consider this when designing your bespoke wall panel.

For instance, if you are keen on soundproofing your home, you will need to reflect those criteria in your design. This is because most wall panels are designed for aesthetic purposes.

Which Style of Wall Panel to Choose?

Selecting the style of your bespoke wall panel typically depends on the purpose of your wall panelling installation. Here are several wall panelling styles you can consider:

Mirror Wall Panel

Certain wall panels can become tools to alter the initial impression of your home layout. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are such tools. For instance, when mirror panels are used in the living room, it can make the space seem larger than they are. At the same time, they work to add elegance to the room.

Wooden Wall Panel

Since wall panels can be made of different materials, wooden wall panels are among the popular ones. Wooden wall panels can be made out of solid hardwood, marquetry patterns consisting of wood veneers with exotic finishes or MDF Boards. Solid hardwood wall panels are the most natural and beautiful materials to use for the wooden wall panels as they literally bring the ‘nature’ into your home. Marquetry wall panel are extremely luxurious art pieces as they use exotic wood veneers and materials like mother of pearl, sea-shells, or skins and leather together in complex shapes and patterns. Medium-density fibreboards (MDF) are highly durable and resistant to impact. They can be carved and made into complex patterns - making them ideal in high-traffic areas, where the walls are often subjected to dents and scuffs.

Interested to install bespoke wall panels in your home?

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