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How to Choose the Right Foglie d’Oro Wood Flooring Singapore

Updated: 6 days ago

Choosing the right wood flooring is an important decision for any homeowner. It can also be difficult and time-consuming as you can choose from many types of wood flooring, including Foglie d’Oro wood flooring Singapore.

While many choices are available, not every type of wood flooring is suitable for every application, as each type has its pros and cons. You will need to consider the type of wood, its durability, the price, etc.

Here are some tips on choosing the right wood flooring for your house if you are shopping for a wood floor.

How do I choose the right wood flooring?

Choosing the right wood flooring is not easy; there are many things to consider, such as the type of wood flooring, its design, durability, and cost. Let's take a better look at each criterion.

Type of Wood Flooring

There are various types of wood flooring available in Singapore, some more popular than others, such as solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is produced from solid wood logs and is usually available in prefinished or unfinished planks that is installed and finished on site.

Meanwhile, engineered hardwood comprises of a base layer of fir or birch wood, topped with a layer of solid hardwood. If you prefer wood flooring that doesn't require sanding or finishing work, consider installing engineered hardwood.

Moreover, engineered wood is much more stable in various temperatures and environments, it is much more ecologically friendly as it uses much less solid hardwood as a total product, and it comes in a multitude of finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles that is not possible with solid hardwood floors.

Design of the Wood Flooring

Humans are visual beings, and various wood floorings come in varying species, styles, and finishes. However, this can make it more difficult for you to choose the right wood flooring. One way to simplify your decision-making is to consider the interior design of your home.

For instance, if you want a contemporary-looking home, consider wood flooring that matches or complements your interior – dark wood flooring can transform your space into a modern, luxurious contemporary home. Or a very light wood flooring to achieve a light, airy contemporary space.

Durability of the Wood Flooring

There are many different types of wood used in flooring; some are harder and therefore more durable than others. Engineered hardwood, for instance, is a good choice if you want a type of flooring that is more durable with less tendency to expand and contract.

On the other hand, solid hardwood flooring is subject to expand and contract relative to your home's humidity. This means it cannot be installed where dampness and moisture can be issues.

Cost and Installation of Wood Flooring

The cost of wood floorings varies depending on the type, wood species, and finish. Solid hardwood flooring typically costs $8 to $25+ per square foot, while engineered hardwood flooring can cost between $15 to $30+ per square foot.

Considering the engineered wood flooring prices in Singapore, it’s important to set a budget before looking at any products. You should also consider the installation cost if you want a flawless-looking floor. This is because professional floor installers will ensure that the floor is properly sealed to prevent any future issues.

Which type of wood flooring is the best?

Aside from the above, many other factors go into choosing the best type of wood flooring for your home. This includes the size and shape of your room, how often you will be using the room, what kind of furniture will be in the room, and if there are any pets in the house.

Ultimately, the best type of wood flooring is the one you choose based on your budget, lifestyle, wood flooring history and the look you want to achieve. So, these should be the main points of consideration for your choice of wood flooring.

How do I choose a wood floor colour?

Should you go dark or light on your wood flooring? Or should you select a natural tone? A dark wood flooring can ‘swallow’ a lot of light, but it creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. A light wood flooring will reflect the light, making the room appear larger. So, it all depends on the look you want for the space.

Why Choose Foglie d’Oro Wood Flooring?

With the tips above, you can now select your desired wood flooring. However, you may be wondering what makes Foglie d’Oro wood flooring unique and different from other types of wood flooring available on the market. If that’s the case, here’s why you should consider Foglie d’Oro wood flooring:

1. It is part of the company’s Environmental Social Responsibility (ESR) initiative

Hardwoods like Oak and Walnut can take up to 100 years to grow before they can be used to make wood flooring. Meanwhile, the base wood used for engineered wood flooring, like Fir and Birch, takes a lesser time to grow, enabling Foglie d’Oro to use a thinner amount of it while producing more engineered wood flooring by volume.

2. The flooring design pattern can be customised

Most wood floorings are available in various designs with woodgrain as the main highlight. Comparatively, Foglie d’Oro wood flooring design patterns can be customised thanks to the creativity of its design team. This in-house capability is what makes Foglie d’Oro wood flooring different from standard planks, chevrons, and herringbone designs.

3. The company can source a particular wood

Foglie d’Oro owns in-house sawmills and production factories, making it one of the few companies in the world to be FSC certified. As such, they specialise in difficult-to-obtain wood like Walnut in very large sizes, producing plank sizes of 300mm to 500mm in width by 2m to 4m in length.

Interested to Install Foglie d’Oro Wood Flooring in Your Home?

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