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Debunking 7 Common Myths Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

7 Common Myths Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Even though engineered wood flooring has a number of proven advantages over conventional solid wood flooring, many people are still hesitant to invest in it because of the many myths associated with it.

There are a lot of misconceptions about engineered hardwood; many believe it to be fake and flimsy, and others even compare it to laminate flooring. In truth, in addition to being more robust and resilient than solid wood flooring, engineered wood floors require significantly less upkeep and care. Keep reading to discover some of the myths unnecessarily compromising engineered hardwood's reputation.

7 Misconceptions About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

7 Misconceptions About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

There are usually a few crucial considerations when installing new flooring in your home. It can be challenging to separate reality from fiction when conducting research because there is likely to be so much contradictory information available regarding a variety of topics.

This is particularly relevant to engineered hardwood flooring, which appears to have accumulated a number of myths over time, especially when it is mistaken as laminate flooring. Before continuing, there are a few essential myths concerning engineered hardwood flooring that must be debunked.

Engineered hardwood Cannot Be Refinished

Almost all engineered hardwood floors can be refinished more than once. Remember that the number of times it can be refinished is based on the thickness of the hardwood top layer; this is significant because if you sand too much, you risk wearing off the entire layer of hardwood in the flooring.

Installation Process Of Engineered Hardwood Is Complicated

This theory is not at all accurate. In reality, engineered wood floors have an interlocking design that makes installation a breeze and comes prefinished. Additionally, if necessary, you may effortlessly replace a single plank. For solid wood floors, these repairs typically require a lot more on-site work.

Engineered Hardwood Is Not Durable

People frequently think that engineered wood is less durable than hardwood since it is not an entire piece of hardwood. But the theory is entirely incorrect.

The truth is that engineered woods are significantly more durable. In contrast to hardwood, engineered wood flooring is considerably more durable due to its three-layer composition. This is because, as a product, engineered hardwood floors were researched and developed to address the inherent issues with traditional hardwood floors.

Additionally, engineered wood floors can withstand temperature and humidity changes better than hardwood, which can quickly harm them.

It's Difficult To Maintain Engineered Hardwood

Engineered flooring is an excellent choice if you're in the market for a material that appears attractive but doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Solid hardwood floors frequently get scratches, fissures, and loss of lustre over time. Refinishing is a frequent option, but doing so repeatedly will wear away at the wood's top layer and present risks for on-site, long-term exposure and inhalation from any chemicals used.

Contrarily, engineered flooring requires less upkeep and only requires one or two refinishing over its lifetime. Depending on how much wear and tear your floor will endure, you can select different finishes, treatments, and coatings.

Engineered Hardwood Looks Nothing Like Solid Hardwood

Engineered hardwood has the same appearance as solid hardwood. This is due to the fact that the top layer of engineered hardwood is entirely made of hardwood, making them both exactly identical.

In addition, engineered hardwood looks better since it can be found in a broader variety of colours, textures, and designs than solid hardwood because it is prefinished in the factory.

Engineered Hardwood Is Not Real Wood

This may be true for inexpensive variants, but high-quality engineered flooring is exactly like solid wood because the top layers are made of the exact same materials. Their construction and number of layers make up their only distinction.

Once the flooring is laid, these distinctions become invisible, and there is no way to tell that a piece of high-quality engineered wood isn't solid wood from its appearance.

Engineered Hardwood Has Limited Designs And Options

Engineered Hardwood Has Limited Designs And Options

Although solid wood flooring is available in various species and grades, they are frequently exceedingly costly. Engineered flooring comes in a wider selection of colours, grades, and finishes to match your preferences and price range. Consequently, you won't need to pay a high price to get the desired style.

You can select engineered wood flooring to suit any design preference, including:

  • Traditional

  • Contemporary

  • Antique

Pick A Flooring That Meets The Needs Of Your Home And Suits Your Lifestyle

The choice between solid and engineered wood can be challenging if you have your mind set on hardwood floors. One is costly and made entirely of real wood, while the other is more affordable and identical to solid wood.

Nevertheless, now that you're aware of the facts regarding engineered hardwood flooring, making your decision should be easier.

Top Brands

Engineered Hardwood Has Limited Designs And Options

FOGLIE D'ORO: The excellent quality of Foglie d'Oro's floors is a result of its total control over the supply chain. Starting from the initial phase, the highest quality materials are selected from certified forests that the company owns and manages sustainably. This selection procedure continues till the finished product is delivered.

The gorgeous inlay-ed panels, herringbone, chevrons, and planks are all handcrafted with continual study and creation for innovative patterns and finishes. Each piece of wood is skilfully processed by the hands of trained artisans who can perfectly translate the creative illustrations of the design team.

Interested in installing bespoke wood flooring in your home?

For elegantly designed, completely customizable interior finishing and inspirational lighting, consider working with Lux & Beyond. We carefully choose the brands we curate to meet the local market because we have more than 20 years of expertise in the interior design industry and a deep grasp of the regional market. These brands are also well-known, established, and of excellent quality.

Based on the state and humidity of the local environment, the compatibility and sustainability of the materials and goods are also taken into consideration. Find out more by visiting

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