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7 Timeless Wood Flooring Pattern To Consider For Your Home

7 Timeless Wood Flooring Pattern To Consider For Your Home

We don't just spend a lot of our downtime at home. Our home is a reflection of who we are in many different ways. Every part of the design of our home serves a purpose, including the flooring. When guests enter our house, the floor is one of the initial things they will notice.

First impressions are the most lasting, and a lovely and detailed floor pattern is a great place to start. Given how much time we now spend at home, we will undoubtedly seek more comfort, practicality, and the element of an appealing design.

So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the most classical wood flooring patterns for your home.

The Different Types Of Wood Flooring Patterns

Every parquet design has advantages in terms of aesthetics and design, and they can each add a touch of uniqueness to the interior of your home. Here are seven of the most timeless choices available to help you make the right decision and select a parquet design that meets your requirements.

Herringbone Pattern

 Herringbone Pattern

While this pattern is likely the most popular nowadays, it is not the best choice for small rooms because it makes them appear even smaller. Herringbone provides excellent dimensional stability since each piece is forced against the other, restricting movement. It can be set either perpendicular or diagonally to the walls.

The ancient Romans were the first people to employ this design for their renowned roadways. This demonstrates its excellent quality.

Regarding both design and durability, the herringbone parquet design has unquestionably withstood the test of time. When considering natural wood flooring, it is likely the most identifiable parquet flooring pattern that comes to mind.

Straight Pattern

Straight Pattern

This is one of the most simple wood flooring design layouts available. The planks are laid wall to wall, side by side. Therefore, place the boards along the longest wall if your space is limited. Hence, the room will appear larger than it is.

Since it doesn't make the space appear overly busy and cluttered, the straight flooring pattern easily complements every home and décor. Moreover, with this pattern, there is a wide range of dimensions of planks that you can choose from that are suitable for your home.

For instance, a longer and wider plank that is incorporated into a design will offer a streamlined and luxurious aesthetic to the space compared to a smaller plank.

Chevron Pattern

Chevron Pattern

It is an exceptionally traditional and timeless pattern that never goes out of style, similar to herringbone. Equally sized wood blocks are arranged zigzag-style to create the herringbone and chevron patterns.

Chevron is a pattern created by cutting the blocks at an angle such that each piece meets the end of the one before it. Since they can make a room seem smaller and busier, this pattern is not the ideal choice for narrow hallways or small rooms. But a large space will look magnificent with the chevron pattern, giving the room an air of elegance.

Brick Pattern

Brick Pattern

The brick pattern denotes the use of standard-length boards laid in the manner of conventional brickwork. Despite being simple on its own, it can be applied to the entire floor or just a specific section that is then encircled by borders. The brick pattern is frequently combined with other more intricate and elaborate parquet floor designs for a truly one-of-a-kind floor that seems like a work of art.

Nevertheless, you can always choose to install the parquet design by itself. In these situations, it will blend seamlessly with the following interior design aesthetics:

  • Contemporary

  • Minimalist

  • Urban

  • Industrial

This pattern's simplicity lets you use your creativity to pair it with innovative furniture pieces, bold colours, and unique textures.

Diagonal Pattern

Diagonal Pattern

The only visible difference between this and a straight pattern is that it covers corners rather than walls. For the installation to be done correctly using this design, there are additional skill and experience requirements. Thus, if you want to install a flawless diagonal parquet floor in your home, be sure to contact a skilled installation professional.

Remember that this design can also give the space an optical illusion. It can give the appearance that the area is larger or longer depending on how it is installed and how the room is set up.

Basketweave Pattern

Basketweave Pattern

This design has the major benefit of fitting almost anywhere, regardless of the dimensions of the space. The most typical materials used to construct it are oak and maple, and it is typically arranged parallel or diagonally to the room's walls. Although lighter colours are more common, you can always add contrast by using darker species, like walnut, to draw attention to the pattern.

Additionally, if you're feeling very inventive, you may combine various wood species to produce an incredibly magnificent and exceptional hardwood floor that will give a lot of character and appeal to any space where it is installed.

In recent years, the Basketweave parquet pattern has experienced a significant decline in popularity, but it is currently experiencing a tremendous resurgence in industrial and modern designs.

Random Pattern

Random Pattern

When you intend to create a random design, you can use varied lengths of wood blocks. Try to be as inventive as you can. Random does not equate to awful. It simply has a less formal appearance than the other ways of installing wood floors.

The best approach to get the desired effect is to position it parallel to the longest wall or the primary source of natural light in the space. Additionally, the random pattern is a fantastic approach to give the room a lot of personality.

In order to create a truly one-of-a-kind and exquisite floor that looks like a work of art, you can experiment further with the various colours and textures of the wooden planks.

Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern

Modern innovations and methods have made it possible to create more attractive and rare patterns that are far more unique than conventional forms, which is why custom design patterns are growing in popularity and trend right now. Are you someone who prefers to opt for unconventional flooring patterns? Then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a custom design flooring option.

In order to create more contemporary and intricate interpretations of what a pattern may be on the floor, our new custom designs make use of new technology possibilities while being mindful of the wood products. There is a wide range of choices to choose from our custom design shapes, and some include the following:

  • Petals

  • Leaves

  • Octagons

  • Hockey sticks

  • Trapezoids

Enhance Your Home With Foglie d'Oro

Enhance Your Home With Foglie d'Oro

FOGLIE D'ORO: Foglie d'Oro has complete control over the supply chain, which contributes to the great quality of its floors. Starting at the source, the finest raw materials are chosen in certified forests that the company owns and sustainably manages. This selection process continues through to the delivery of the finished product.

The elegant and varied selection of planks, chevrons, herringbone, and exquisite inlay-ed panels are handcrafted with ongoing research and development for newer designs and finishes. Each piece of wood is expertly processed by the hands of skilled artisans who can flawlessly interpret the design team's imaginative illustrations.

Interested to install bespoke wood flooring in your home?

Consider engaging Lux & Beyond for finely crafted, fully customisable interior finishing and inspirational lighting. With more than 20 years in the interior industry and vast experience and understanding of the local market, the brands we curate are carefully selected to fit the local market, highly reputable, and well-established with good quality.

The suitability and sustainability of the materials and products are also taken into account based on the condition and humidity of the local environment. Find out more by visiting

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