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7 Styles Of Parquet Wood Flooring To Check Out For Your Home

7 Styles Of Parquet Wood Flooring To Check Out For Your Home

Parquet wood flooring is one of the most widely used forms of flooring nowadays. To give it the appearance of a pattern, an array of distinct wood types and textures are assembled.

Since there are no restrictions on the size or type of pattern that can be used in a space, a homeowner can have many more choices than just the conventional forms and grains of wood to select for a stunning, finished effect.

So, if you're thinking of upgrading your flooring or looking for ideas for your new home, parquet wood flooring might be a strong contender for you.

Benefits Of Parquet Flooring

Wooden flooring is becoming more popular once again. They have the potential to be durable, add a touch of warmness to a space and are highly appealing. But only some rooms can benefit from classic wooden floors.

With more flexibility in terms of installation method and style than standard hardwood flooring, parquet wood flooring is a substitute that provides several of the same advantages. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of parquet flooring.

Easy Maintenance

It's effortless to keep parquet wood floors clean. All that needs to be done is daily floor sweeping, but you must be careful not to apply too much pressure to prevent your flooring from scratches.

Additionally, you should avoid using potent cleaning agents. Instead, use warm water diluted with an all-purpose cleaner or gentle cleaning product suitable for regular application.


Parquet is available in a wide range of designs and colours, making it seamless to integrate it into your design concept whenever you wish to change the style of your home. This type of flooring is available in a wide range of patterns, from traditional hand-scraped patterns to contemporary geometric designs.


As opposed to other flooring alternatives, parquet does not trap allergens, making it one of the best choices if you or a loved one suffers from allergies. Even those who own dogs will experience fewer allergies in their house if they have parquet flooring because it is so easy to keep clean.


Given its high durability and capability to endure frequent use, parquet wood flooring will last for many years with minimal signs of wear and tear. With the strength of hardwood, parquet frequently gives an extended lifespan in one location.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The sleek appearance of parquet flooring can be customised to suit any lifestyle, taste, or aesthetic you may desire. Since the wood is placed in a design, you can pick one that appeals to you and will harmonise with the interior of your space.

The Different Styles Of Parquet Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring designs made of small planks that are arranged in geometric patterns are known as parquet flooring. This ornate flooring pattern has just returned to the forefront after reaching its height of popularity in the 1960s.

Here are some of the popular designs of parquet wood flooring.



A diagonal wood pattern used in chevron parquet flooring creates a noticeable striping pattern. Chevron planks are installed, with each plank's end touching the end of the one before it, forming an arrow-point pattern.

Depending on preference, the design can be diagonally or parallel to the wall. The chevron design has the advantages of producing long lines and creating the impression of more space.


Herringbone is one of the most prominent parquet flooring patterns right now. Just like the chevron design, herringbone also uses identically sized planks that are laid in a type of zig-zag pattern. In contrast to chevron, herringbone planks are cut into rectangles instead of at an angle. The planks are positioned after being cut so that one plank's end contacts another's side.

Due to the boards being pushed against each other and constrained in mobility, herringbone flooring has excellent dimensional stability. The planks can be stacked in a number of different designs, such as:

  • Square

  • Diagonal

  • Single


Mosaic hardwood flooring, occasionally referred to as "finger strip parquet," is a sophisticated parquet choice that offers a contemporary interpretation of the conventional design of marble mosaic palace floorings. These flooring panels are made by sewing together thin wood strips in various geometric patterns.

Depending on the length, width, and type of wood used, these panels may be identical in size and shape or may vary. Mosaic panels can be used to create designs or long lines that highlight the architectural features of your home to give your space a distinctive look.

Parquet de Versailles

Parquet de Versailles

Parquet de Versailles is a luxurious parquet design that was developed in the seventeenth century. The pattern, which consists of square panels and interlaced diagonals, continues to inspire and have an impact on contemporary parquet flooring.

Best known for replacing the marble floors of the Palace of Versailles, this traditional form is hand-assembled and does not use adhesive. It used to be set up by installers starting with the fireplace. But today's designers would often position the flooring diagonally from the room's function.



Planks of various thicknesses are set up in this classically French-inspired design to create different geometric patterns. These shapes are placed in an intricate parquet pattern, and a square border surrounds them. The Bordeaux design performs an excellent job of highlighting the distinctive qualities of wood grain owing to this special formation.

Basket Weave

An appealing layout for rooms of various sizes is the basket weave parquet style. As the name suggests, the basket weave design places even-width boards in a pattern that mimics a wicker basket. Light-coloured wood planks with a single tint are often used to create this form of parquet flooring.

To produce a more distinctive appearance, some homeowners prefer to use boards that are darker or a variety of colours. There are many various basketweave design variations available, including:

  • Double basket weave

  • Square basket weave


A timeless parquet design called Chantilly can offer a space with more depth and movement. The pattern incorporates a square border made of rectangular boards with uniform cuts surrounding a pattern interlaced with plus signs.

Top Brand

Top Brand

FOGLIE D'ORO: Foglie d'Oro has complete control over the supply chain, which contributes to the great quality of its floors. Starting at the source, the finest raw materials are chosen in certified forests that the company owns and sustainably manages. This selection process continues through to the delivery of the finished product.

The elegant and varied selection of planks, chevrons, herringbone, and exquisite inlay-ed panels are handcrafted with ongoing research and development for newer designs and finishes. Each piece of wood is expertly processed by the hands of skilled artisans who can flawlessly interpret the design team's imaginative illustrations.

Interested to install bespoke wood flooring in your home?

Consider engaging Lux & Beyond for finely crafted, fully customisable interior finishing and inspirational lighting. With more than 20 years in the interior industry and vast experience and understanding of the local market, the brands we curate are carefully selected to fit the local market, highly reputable, and well-established with good quality.

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